Atelier Eclair


Atelier Eclair is a new range of eclairs made by Joriba, bringing a modern and more refined version of the traditional eclair. The current assortment includes 9 types of eclairs in an elegant size, ideal for your afternoon high tea moment. The flavours range from a sweet caramel to a dark chocolate or a fresh fruity mango, offering something for everyone, or as the French say: A chacun son éclair.



We combine premium made eclairs with the positive aspects of frozen, i.e. the convenience factor and the aspect of natural conserving without added preservatives. We bake top quality products and directly freeze them. Our customers just need to ‘thaw & serve’, and enjoy their heartfelt moment of indulgence. Atelier Éclair is the first range of frozen eclairs with a shelf life of 9 months at -18°C with this type of high-end finish and flavour at an affordable price.

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